The University of Milan-Bicocca – Department of Human Sciences for Education “Riccardo Massa” has the task of producing a study on the Media Dance + process, describing its mechanisms and dynamics, objectives and results, didactics, and methodology. To do this, with the support of the other bodies, it will collect all the material, results, artistic productions and qualitative and quantitative feedback from the students and the methodological-didactic feedback from the teachers. To these the material produced for the training course previously implemented will be added. At the end of the project, a digital publication in English will follow, which will be available for free online.
The target group for this activity is teachers from all secondary schools in Europe. The productive effort of the project is devoted to them and involves the University of Milano-Bicocca which will provide its research to academically validate the Media Dance methodology and subsequently make the study available to all.
Engaging these professionals in training and refresher courses, exposing them to artistic and civic content, stimulating them to use innovative methodologies and tools such the artistic and performative ones, in particular. These are all activities that can help to create a class of teachers who are better prepared and equipped with more tools for the inclusion, understanding, activation and enhancement of their students. This is the specific aim of this digital publication: to support the crucial work of Europe’s secondary school teachers for the new generations by proposing the use of innovative methodologies and “other” languages such as those of performing arts, which have a high transformative and therefore educational potential.