28th-31st March

From March 28th to 31st, the first international project meeting will be held in France, at Briqueterie and Lycée International in Saint Germain-en-Laye.
An opportunity for all the partners to meet and exchange ideas, marking the concrete start of their work in the field, involving operators, teachers and artists that together will tackle the different themes and working tools with a view to educational innovation for the entire school community.
The aim of this meeting is to co-construct the direction and the development of the project with the partners, through a series of in-depth discussions focused on the Media Dance + assumptions: the value of performance in schools, innovation in school settings, the projects of the artists who will animate the activities in the field and the visit to the partnered sites of the project (Briqueterie and Lycée Saint Germain-en-Laye).
In addition to these, there will be brainstorming sessions, group activation and working tables aimed at the co-design and development of the workshop themes, networking actions with subjects participating in other Erasmus+ projects hosted by Lycée in those same days, and round tables on international exchanges chaired by the Director of the Erasmus Programme. 

Participants in the meeting:

Matteo Negrindirector of Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

Mara Lorocultural project manager and project coordinator

Edoardo Ursocoordination assistant

Salvo Lombardochoreographer and associate artist at Lavanderia a Vapore 

Doriana Crema – trainer, choreographer and counsellor

Sandra Neuveut – director of La Briqueterie

Elisabetta Bisarointernational development manager

Arina Dolgikhhead of public relations

Valeria Giugachoreographer and artist 

Anne-James Chaton writer

– Department of Human Sciences for Education “Riccardo Massa”


Francesca Antonaccifull professor, project manager for the Milan Bicocca unit

Giulia Schiavone researcher, member of the research team

Nicoletta Ferriresearch fellow, member of the research team

Maria MamoneFrench language teacher and contact person for the project

Elisabetta ValfréItalian, Greek and Latin teacher

Susanna Minelliscience teacher

Massimo Chiaisreference teacher for the project

Augustin Humberthistory and geography teacher

Luca Agostinomaths teacher and Erasmus contact person

Irene CastagnoliConsul General of Italy in Paris (TBC)

Luigi VallebonaHead of the School Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Paris (TBC)

Students from the school



From April to June 2022

The experimentation action envisaged by the Media Dance + project takes place in different scholastic and geographical contexts, Italy and France, more specifically “Liceo Classico Alfieri” in Turin and “Lycée International” in Saint Germain-en-Laye. 

The aim is to test a new approach to teaching Citizenship Education in Italy and a new curricular subject called “Connaissances du monde” (knowledge of the world) in France. Although the methods of construction and development of the project are different, the approach at the basis of the process of didactic innovation is the same: proposing an artist’s residence to investigate contemporary themes together with students and teachers through the language and assumptions of performing art with the aim to draw up an interdisciplinary didactic plan of Citizenship Education or this new subject called “Connaissances du monde”.

The project intends to encourage high school students to increase their civic participation by means of a process involving artistic approach, activation, residency, and rendition guided by a social/current theme. The artist’s residency aims to raise social and participatory awareness and artistic sensitivity that will foster the artistic expression of one’s own ideas and the ability to read art, in this case, dance.


The project envisages the involvement of the class group, both students and teachers, right from the start of the artist-in-residence section.
Several artists, selected by Lavanderia a Vapore for their artistic sensitivity to contemporary themes and their desire to share them with a young audience, are presented, through an introductory and exploratory lesson, first to the students and then to the teaching staff. The exchange of ideas between the students and their teachers is the approach and methodology that the project has adopted to reshape the student-teacher relationship according to renewed perspectives.
From April 26th to May 7th, choreographer Salvo Lombardo will inhabit the premises of Liceo Alfieri in Turin through an artistic residency to involve the students and teachers of the EsaBac 3 year in an artistic process of reflection on the theme of power and its movements within social dynamics, inspired and nourished by his recent artistic production process “AMOR”.
“What is power? Or rather, how does power manifest itself? What are its micro-physics?  How does power move and transform bodies?  What are its articulations?  What are its official representations, its genealogies, and what, above all, are the counter-narratives that react to its figure nowadays?
Over these two weeks, students will address the exploratory questions of the theme proposed by Salvo Lombardo through a co-creation process (33 hour-long) that will allow them to question themselves starting from the exploration of the content collected by the artist during the production of the show “AMOR” and to rework them in order to collectively find a way of sharing them with a wider audience.
In the same way, teachers will try out a way of exploring the theme in greater depth, through an experiential and corporeal approach, so as to draw up an interdisciplinary civic education teaching plan.


The experimental action develops in France at the Briqueterie – CDCN du Val-de-Marne in Vitry-sur-Seine with the second class of the Italian section of the Lycée of Saint Germain-En-Laye. Valeria Giuga is the choreographer and dancer chosen by the Briqueterie for this action, in virtue of her approach to creation (dance and writing) and for her sensitivity in dealing with everyday issues. The residency activity will also be accompanied and supported by the French author Anne-James Chaton.

In the weeks following the selection, Valeria Giuga will collaborate with the teaching staff of the newly formed class to build a constellation of themes related to her research and her language to be further shared and selected with the students concerning their personal or educational interests.

The path includes a 2-stage phase of work, one at the Briqueterie, and the second one at the school. As for the Italian experience,  the residency will involve both students and teachers, and is a premise for deepening new and useful approaches to teaching for investigating developing methodologies of the new teaching subject, “Connaissances du monde”, provided by the French school education system.



Autumn 2022

Dissemination and follow-up activities are crucial to ensure that the project will not be an end in itself. Media Dance + aims to reach out to other schools and teachers, seeking to generate interest in the language of performance used in schools to speak to students in a different way.
Each partner will develop an event format based on its target audience. On the one hand, the dissemination activity will ultimately address the stakeholders, namely the European high schools – i.e. the bodies that can implement future projects concerning this methodology – and the teachers, i.e. those professionals who need to acquire new skills to embrace and promote the educational principles of the project. On the other hand, it will target the reference communities of the two schools involved, in order to extend the benefits of participation to students and families not directly involved. Finally, a further target group for this activity consists of partner institutions, as they themselves will benefit from the analysis of the possibilities of obtaining new funding and promoting other similar projects.