How can this experience involving two specific realities build tools to facilitate the use of specific content even by those teachers who did not participate directly in the project? This section is devoted to the sharing of multimedia documents created for those teachers, headteachers and policy makers who are currently researching and exploring new approaches to teaching in the field of citizenship education. During the Media Dance + project, in-depth texts, video interviews, and links will be archived in order to create summary documents at the end of the project. This section will allow teachers involved directly or involved at a later stage to access didactic, pedagogic, and social content tested by Media Dance +.

The general objective of this section is therefore the training of secondary school teaching staff aimed at improving the quality of teaching activities in civic education and to encourage the design of other projects through multidisciplinary approaches, using performing arts as a means of engagement and expression for students.
Although instrumental to the success of the project, this material is designed to improve the skills of teachers in all the European schools that will be involved in the project communication. The value of the activity is therefore twofold: on the one hand, it allows for the correct development of the project, testing of the methodology, collection of data, and implementation of the project; on the other hand, it aims to train a class of high school teachers who will be better prepared, able to implement integrated and interdisciplinary projects such as Media Dance +, to listen to students when dealing with current issues, to involve students in civic participation activities and, finally, to use unconventional languages such as those of performing arts.

research of wellness

Alda Cosola, psychologist and person in charge of the Health Promotion area for AslTo3, is a member of the Media Dance Scientific Board. Being in good health is not just a matter of not being ill, but also of feeling good: that’s why she deals with activities focused on the research of wellness. Media Dance is part of AslTo3 activities catalogue and it presents a series of educational experiences which enhance students’ and teachers’ life quality at school.